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A single day in Iceland, the Golden Circle Trip

Gullfoss waterfall, classic picture

When you have only a single day to visit the natural wonders of Iceland, the Golden Circle Tour is ideal. Highlights are the Gullfoss waterfall and the mid Atlantic ridge valley of the Thingvellir National Park. This is also the heartland of farming, lush green meadows with Icelandic horses and sheep. A problem is that you will not be alone, but joined with a large tourist crowd of some 5 busses and numerous cars. The weather will likely be variable, with moderate to strong wind and occasional rain showers. Those who want to experience the vast emptiness should go further. Below some of the best pictures.

Kerio Volcanic Crater.

Small Waterfall.

Gulfoss waterfall.

Gulfoss waterfall, side view.


Lanscape near the Geyser area with the main rivers.

Camping at the Geyser area. Lots of space.

Fault in Pinvellir National Park, the Mid-Atlantic ridge.


Crowds in a fault of Thingvellir National Park

You can see why the icelanders were impressed with the area and founded the first parliament in the world at this site.

Lake in Thinvellir National Park

Model of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, Thinvellir National Park. Runs from top to bottom, along the lake.

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