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Photos of a 2001 rock climbing trip to San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada.

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Yosemite, Tuolumne Meadows
Tuolumne Meadows area, from the Yosemite National Park Map usa01_yos.jpg August 2001
Tuolumne River and Lembert Dome, at the Tuolumne Camp site. View to the North. usa01_01.jpg August 2001
Daff Dome, south side, West of Tuolumne Meadows. East Crack (level 5.9/5c) visible on the right. Popular route. usa01_02.jpg August 2001
Daff Dome. Similar. usa01_03.jpg August 2001
Daff Dome. Similar. usa01_07.jpg August 2001
El Capitan, 1200 m rock face in Yosemite Valey. usa01_04.jpg August 2001
Summit of Lembert Dome, Tuolumne meadows, view to the West. Dome is accessible from the North East along a well marked trail. usa01_06.jpg August 2001
Jean on top of Lembert Dome, 7.30 AM in the morning. usa01_09.jpg August 2001
Summit Lembert Dome, 7.30 AM in the morning. View to the West. usa01_08.jpg August 2001
South-East face of Lambert Dome towards Tuolumne Meadow Camp site. Possible to go down safely along mostly 3rd and some 4th degree slabs. You end up 50 m west of the Road sign of the Tuolumne Lodge on the main highway. usa01_12.jpg August 2001
Murphy's Creek rock face. Ideal for practising crack climbing. Top ropes can be made with long cordelette around boulders. Rock face is 40 minutes walk North-West of Tenaya Lake, take the trail parallel to Murphy's Creek. usa01_10.jpg August 2001
Detail of rock face. usa01_11.jpg August 2001
Piewack dome, North of Tenaya lake. Height estimated 200 meters. Note climber near the top below the rock face (1 small black dot). usa01_13.jpg August 2001
Mountaineers Dome in Polly Dome area, North-West of Tenaya Lake. Note climbers (small black dots). This is a very popular route. usa01_14.jpg August 2001
Mountaineers Dome in Polly Dome area, North-West of Tenaya Lake. usa01_15.jpg August 2001
Climbing a 5.8/5.9(5b/5c) crack/slab on Daff Dome. High east side, near highest forest. Several good metal bolts on the higher slabs, also used for abseil. Due to several bolts on various routes, ideal spot for practising placing equipment (nuts, camelots, hexes) and making ankers on 5.8 (5b), 5.9 (5c) and 5.10 (6a) routes using a top rope. Bring two 60 m ropes. usa01_18.jpg August 2001
Injured hands after a day of ferocious crack climbing using the wrong technique. usa01_19.jpg August 2001
Tuolumne Meadows, Lembert Dome (left) and Mount Dana (3979 m; far middle-left) usa01_20.jpg August 2001
Same usa01_21.jpg August 2001
Entrance of Yosemite Park at Tioga Pass, altitude 10000 feet (3000 m). View at Mount Dana (3979 m). usa01_22.jpg August 2001
Cairn half way to Mount Dana at 11500 feet (3500 m) altitude. Note big marmot right of cairn. From here carefully follow the trail up which is poorly marked in the large scree slope (loose rocks). Do not go the right but stay in the middle. usa01_16.jpg August 2001
Summit of Mount Dana, 13057 feet (3979 m). Took us only 2h10m but resulted in nausea after returning. usa01_17.jpg August 2001
San Francisco area
Marin Country, view from Mount Tam (900 m?) to the South at Marin Country with Sausolito, towards San Francisco in the fog. Note the forested suburbian area. usa01_35.jpg August 2001
Alcatraz, view from the Bay Bridge (Oakland-San Francisco). usa01_23.jpg August 2001
Micky Beach in Marin Country, last parking lot before Stinton Beach on Highway 1 North. Has good 5.9 (5c) to 5.13 (7+) rock faces and lots of bouldering. One of the few (illegal) nudist beaches in the area. usa01_24.jpg August 2001
Same usa01_25.jpg August 2001
Same usa01_26.jpg August 2001
Same, climber on a 5.11 (6a+) usa01_27.jpg August 2001
Same, bouldering. usa01_28.jpg August 2001
Lake Tahoe Region, Lovers Leap at Strawberry
Strawberry Lodge on Highway 50, some 20 km West of South Lake Tahoe. usa01_30.jpg August 2001
Lover Leap Cliff near Strawberry on Highway 50, between Placerville and South Lake Tahoe. Cliff is about 150 m high. 3 pitch routes. Bring a 60 m rope. Haystack (5.8=5b) and Pop Bottle (5.6=4c) on the left. usa01_05.jpg August 2001
Lovers Leap Rock Face, East Side. Most popular side for rock climbing. Cliff is about 150 m high. usa01_32.jpg August 2001
Lovers Leap Rock Face, middle. usa01_33.jpg August 2001
Lovers Leap Rock Face, West Side. usa01_34.jpg August 2001
Middle rock face of Lovers Leap usa01_52.jpg August 2001
Lovers Leap Rock face. 150 m high. Pop Bottle (far left, 5.6[4c) and Haystack (crack left, 5.8=5b) visible. usa01_31.jpg August 2001
Lovers Leap Rock face. 150 m high. Pop Bottle (left, 5.6=4c) and Haystack (crack middle, 5.8=5b) visible. usa01_53.jpg August 2001
Same, more realistic view at near vertical face. usa01_54.jpg August 2001
Rock climber on Pop Bottle (5.6=4c), Lovers leap. usa01_50.jpg August 2001
and finally ...
La nouvelle voiture en Etats Unis de l'Amerique et .... usa01_98.jpg August 2001
.. le chien "Bugsy" et .... usa01_99.jpg August 2001
La vielle voiture en Etats Unis de l'Europe. benz_10vl.jpg August 2001
Wounded rock climber after a silly mountain bike accident in the last week (jamming breaks downhill causing a forward full salto). usa01_51.jpg August 2001


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