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On the Road to Kabul and other Treks

Table of Contents
1. Why travel?
2. On the Road to Kabul (1974)
3. To Pakistan, India, Nepal and overland back to Europe (1974)
4. To the Canadian High Arctic (1982-1989)
5. To Newfoundland (1985-1987) (in progress, incomplete)
6a. To the Rolwaling Valley of Nepal (2001)
6b. The Sabai Tsho glacial lake outburst flood of 3 September 1998 in Nepal
7. The cave trip in the mountains of Oman (2002)
8. To the Muskokas of Ontario on Lake Huron (1982-1984)
9. To China (1995) (pictures only)
10. To Algeria (1975)
12. The volcanoes of Mexico (1997)(pictures only)
13. Rock climbing at Micky's Beach and Lovers Leap in California (2001)(pictures only)