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Mount Everest (pyramid far left), Lhotse (right) with 3.5 km high rock and ice face, and Nuptse (in front of Everest). Photograph by Dick Lust. Click on picture for full view. See Google Panoramio for location.

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Various short stories of treks or travels.
Asia, Nepal
Walk-out from Baruntse Base Camp to Lukla across Mera La: tourists, porters and Mao’s 2004lukla.htm October 2004
"Sir, wake up porter dying (Baruntse Base Camp, 5450 m, 4 October 2004)" 2004porter.htm October 2004
The 6150 m Ice Col Crossing from Makalu Rase camp to Baruntse Base Camp, from the Makalu to the Everest Region 2004icecol.htm October 2004
Late monsoon in the Arun Valley: rain, leeches and Maos (September 2004) 2004monsoon.htm September 2004
Daulaghiri Round and Maoists, October 2002. 2002maoist.htm October 2002
Daulaghiri Round: Children and a PDA, waaaah!!! 2002children.htm October 2002
Steep stone path and an "In Memorial". steep_stone_path.htm October 2002
Sudden white outs possible. How four climbers got lost. sudden_white_outs.htm October 2002
Pelgrimage to Muktinat 2002muktinat.htm October 2002
Crossing the Trashi Labtse (5750 m), from Rolwaling to the Everest Region. trashi2000.htm October 2000
Apa Sherpa, 13 times on Mount Everest. 2000apasherpa.htm October 2000
Treacherous trails in Rolwaling. 2000rolwaling.htm October 2000
Delivering pictures in Thame, Everest Region. 2000deliver.htm October 2000
Snow blind on Mera Peak, october 1998 1998snowblind.htm October 1998
A destructive flood in the valley of the Edelweiss, October 1998 1998edelweiss.htm October 1998
Sabai Tsho Glacier Lake outburst flood of 3 September 1998 lakeng98.htm October 1998
Early snow, October 1997 1997earlysnow.htm October 1997
Island Peak, November 1997: Borrow boots? 1997island.htm October 1997
Pokhara 1974: hippies and tourists. 1974pokhara.htm.htm July 1974