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For location on the world map, see Panoramio, select "on the map" for location.

Top left: Arctic Hares, Canadian Arctic Islands [1]. For location, see Google Panoramio.
Top middle: Chedi Hotel, Muscat, Oman, pool by the sea by night [1]. For location, see Google Panoramio.

Bottom left: Muskox herd, Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High Arctic.[1]. For location, see Google Panoramio
Bottom middle: Everest, 8848 m, and Lotze, 8500 m.[1]. For location, see Google Panoramio.
Bottom right: Arctic wolf.[1]. Click on photos to enlarge.

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Various pictures with a narrative, from around the world.

Arctic Regions and Canada

Arctic Hares and a salt dome, Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High Arctic. [Location]

July 1982

Muskox herd, Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian High Arctic. [Location]

July 1982

Arctic wolf(dog), Sierra Nevada, California. [Location]

January 2003

Arctic wolves around the camp, Hare Fiord, Ellesmere Island. [Location]

June 1989

Thule Culture whale bone house, Resolute Bay, Cornwallis Island. [Location]

June/July 1982

Ice-bergs in Otto Fiord, Ellesmere Island. [Location]

June/July 1989

Summer of snow, Northern Ellesmere Island. [Location]

July 1989

Thompson Glacier near Expedition Fiord. [Location]

July 1984

Loess storm, Axel Heiberg Island. [Location]

July 1988

Ice breaking up on Greely Fiord. [Location]

July 1988

Glacier Camp, Northern Ellesmere Island. [Location]

July 1988

Firth River, Yukon, Canada. [Location]

July 2006

Firth River with a portable toilet, Yukon, Canada. [Location]

July 2006

Firth River rolling hills at Muskeq Creek, Yukon, Canada. [Location]

July 2006

Driftwood on the beach of the Arctic Ocean, Yukon, Northern Canada [Location]

July 2006

Narwhal tusk, Yukon, Canada. [Location]

July 2006

Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland. [Location]

July 2006

Asia, Middle East

The Kahf Al Tahry cave near Fins, Oman.

February 2002

Donkeys above the clouds, Saiq Plateau, 2000 m, Oman.

August 2003

The Chedi Hotel, Muscat, Oman. [Location]


Al Bustan Hotel, Muscat, Oman.

Around 2000

Wadi Shab, with the many pools, Tiwi, Oman.

April 2004

Running on the beach, Muscat, Oman.

December 2008

Asia, Nepal

Everest, 8848 m, and Lotze, 8500 m. Location.

November 1997

Mount Everest, view from the Rongbuk Monastery, Tibet.

Fall 2000

Island Peak, Everest Region, Nepal.

November 1997

Glacial Lake Breach and female porters, Mera Peak region, Nepal.

October 1998

Top of Mera Peak, 6476 m, Everest Region, Nepal.

October 1998

Kangchenjunga, 3rd highest mountain in the world, 8598 m, Eastern Nepal.

November 1999

Trashi Labtse Pass Crossing, 5700 m, Everest Region, Nepal.

October 2000

Tengboche Monastory, Mount Everest and Ama Dablan.

October 2000

Dauhlagiri, 8100 m, Annapurna Region, Nepal.

November 2002

Makalu, 8481 m.

October 2004

Makalu Mountain, 8481 m altitude, hit by the jet stream, Nepal.

October 2004

Other Asia

Afghanistan, 1974-1976.

July 1976

A walk along the Chinese Wall.

August 1995

Phallus Rock, Chengde.

August 1995

Chinese twins, Beijing, China.

August 1995

“20,000 year old man”, Hyatt Hotel, Seoul International Aiport, Korea.

December 2007

Baekundae Montain, 836 m, Seoul.

November 2008

Sapporo Hotel, Sakhalin Island, Eastern Siberia.

December 2007

Peak Chekhov, 1040 m, Yuzhno, Sakhalin Island.

November 2008

Enjoying comfort in a green hotel, Changi Airport, Singapore.

November 2008

Asia, South-East - Oceania

Otehake River Crossing, Arthurs Pass Region, South Island, New Zeeland.

March 2005

Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand.

January 2007

Fishermen on the beach, Brunei.

September 2008


Crossing Etna in a single day, Sicily, Italy.

June 2003

Picos de Europa, NW Spain: Refugio Cabaña Veronica with the Peña Vieja mountain (2619 m)

July 2004

Picos de Europa, NW Spain: Jou Santu Pass, 2100 m.

July 2004

Pizzo d’Intermesoli, Gran Sasso, Central Italy.

June 2005

Refugio Franchetti, Grand Sasso, Central Italy.

June 2005

Snow on Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Jan 2006

La Gomera, Canary Islands.

Jan 2006

Ancient trail on the GR131, Vallehermosa, La Gomera, Canary Islands.

Jan 2006

Scottish Highland cows in the coastal dunes of Holland.

Winter 2007

Besseggen Ridge, Jotunheimen, Norway.

July 2007

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London Castle, London

January 2009

North America, USA

Rattle Snake, Georgian Bay, Canada.

June 1984

Huge 500-D helicopter, SW Newfoundland.

June-August 1987

Black bear, Newfoundland, Canada.

June-August 1987

Curious caribous, Newfoundland, Canada.

June-August 1987

Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

January 1999

Oil pumps at the Coyote Hills Golf Club, Orange County, Los Angeles.

January 2000

Mickey Beach, Highway 1, Marin County, California.

August 2001

Lovers Leap, rock climbing, California.

August 2001

Death Valley, Wild Rose Peak and Dantes View.

January 2003

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

April 2007

Latin America

Nevado de Toluca, Mexico.

December 1997


Sahara, Algeria.

August 1975

A plantation in the Nile Delta, Egypt.

December 2005

(Arabian) horse riding in Egypt. [Location]

January 2009

“Eye of Eko” funeral rite statue, Eko Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.

March 2007

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