.nfld5.jpg August 1987

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South-West Newfoundland

Photos from geological expeditions on Newfoundland in the summers of 1985, 1986 and 1987 organised by the Geological Survey of Canada.

Newfoundland, Canada: Southern Longe Range Mountains, SW Newfoundland. Flying Hughes 500-D helicopter of Viking Helicopters.

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Location map of SW Newfoundland. Study area roughly outlined. Only one road runs through the 80 by 80 km area. Rest done by helicopter fly camps. arcmap1.jpg July 1982
Newfoundland, Canada: Southern Longe Range Mountains, SW Newfoundland. Flying Hughes 500-D helicopter of Viking Helicopters.helifly Aug 1987
Grand lake, "mouse head" hill, around 500 meters high.nfl08.jpg July 1987
Grand lake (land locked fiord), south end, lake arms around 5 km wide, hills some 500 m high.nfl09.jpg July 1986
South side Glover Island, in the clouds.nfld317.jpg August 1987
Grand Lake, low clouds.nfld318.jpg August 1987
Lumber roads southwest of Grand Lake. View at Glover Island.nfld504.jpg August 1987
Grand Lake and Glover Island.nfld506.jpg August 1987
Lumber road west tip of Little Grand Lake. This is the new access road to one of the last pristine forests of Newfoundland that was about to be cut.nfld505.jpg August 1987
Ophiolites (brown) of the Blow Me Down Mountains, West Coast. Lack of vegetation due to the heavy metal composition of the soil. Note contrasts with other rocks (green) with vegetation.nfld500.jpg August 1987
Zodiac and ramp on Cormack lake near an old cabin.nfld313.jpg August 1987
Zodiac on Cormack lake with old cabin.nfld302.jpg August 1987
Rainbow on lake East of Pasadena.nfld338.jpg August 1987
Treeless highlands with rocks, lakes and low shrubs.nfld312.jpg August 1987
Three Lakes area end of May, still lots of snow.nfld314.jpg August 1987
Three Lakes area end of May, tents of camp visible on the shore left of lake, right of snow bank.nfld315.jpg August 1987
Scenery, lake, barren rock and bushes.nfld316.jpg August 1987
Scenery, typical highlands.nfld322.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld503.jpg August 1987
Rainbow and radio antenna. Camp on a marsh and forest area.nfld501.jpg August 1987
Rainbow. Camp on a marsh and forest area.nfld502.jpg August 1987
Curious cariboes, unable to indentify the human smell.nfl11.jpg August 1987
Young cariboe, curious as it is unable to indentify the human smell.nfl15.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld513.jpg August 1987
Young curious cariboe fleeing.nfld303.jpg August 1987
Cariboe herd, fleeing from helicopter noise.nfl10.jpg August 1987
Cariboe herd, fleeing from helicopter noise.nfl14.jpg August 1987
Male cariboe with large antlers.nfld321.jpg August 1987
Rocky lumber road with two cariboes (top) barely visible by their colour.nfld514.jpg August 1987
Cariboes on the highlands.nfld517.jpg August 1987
Cariboes on the rocky hill tops, watching.nfld518.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld519.jpg August 1987
Cariboe herd fleeing for helicopter on Dashwoods Pond.nfld520.jpg August 1987
Caroboe herd fleeing for the noise of the helicopter.nfld521.jpg August 1987
Moose in a lake.nfld522.jpg August 1987
Black bearnfl16.jpg August 1987
Bear, fleeing for the helicopter.nfld320.jpg August 1987
Moosenfl17.jpg August 1987
Animal trail.nfld323.jpg August 1987
Animal trail.nfld512.jpg August 1987
Animal trail through tuckamore.nfld324.jpg August 1987
Tuckamore, roughly up to 2 meter high, impenetrable treeline bush.nfld325.jpg August 1987
Tuckamore, killed by bugs.nfld326.jpg August 1987
Camp right of animal trail.nfld327.jpg August 1987
Camp on lake.nfld328.jpg August 1987
Same, detail.nfld328s.jpg August 1987
Radio contact during rainy weather. Note radio antenna and orange 2-way radio.nfld329.jpg August 1987
Gold miners camp of recent gold find.nfld331.jpg August 1987
Lumber camp on Burgeo Road.nfld530.jpg August 1987
Newfoundland, Canada: Southern Longe Range Mountains, SW Newfoundland. Flying Hughes 500-D helicopter of Viking Helicopters.helifly Aug 1987
Viking Helicopter base in Pasadena on Deer Lake (North of Corner Brook), Newfoundland.nfl01.jpg July 1985
Refueling the helicopter with spare jerrycans. Fuel consumption around 1 liter per minute (2 miles to the liter).nfl02.jpg August 1987
Helicopter unloading quickly, engine still running.nfl05.jpg August 1987
Helicopter close up in full air.nfld305.jpg August 1987
Helicopter, pilot resting.nfld507.jpg August 1987
Helicopter flying above swamps, lakes and forests of the highlands.nfld508.jpg August 1987
Helicopter approaching for picking up luggage net.nfld511.jpg August 1987
Helicopter, student atttaching sling attached to luggage net.nfld510.jpg August 1987
Helicopter passing by across granite outcrops East of Grand Lake.nfld306.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld509.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld307.jpg August 1987
Refueling a helicopter.nfl50.jpg August 1987
Scotty, the helicoper base chief pilot.nfld311.jpg August 1987
Pasadena Forestry Camp. Tents of camp bottom right.nfld308.jpg August 1987
Numerous wood logs on Deer lake collected for Corner Brook saw mill down stream.nfld309.jpg August 1987
Pasadena from the air.nfld529.jpg August 1987
Pasadena from the air.nfld332.jpg August 1987
Pasadena forestry Camp sign.nfld333.jpg August 1987
Pasadena grocery store.nfld334.jpg August 1987
Corner Brook MacDonalds.nfld335.jpg August 1987
Pasadena house with frontdoor but no way to get out. Newfoundlanders always take the back door.nfld336.jpg August 1987
Truck damaged after rolling of the road.nfld531.jpg August 1987
Start of road to Burgeo, first part asphalt.nfld310.jpg August 1987
Annnieopsquotch Hills along Burgeo Road.nfld319.jpg August 1987
Cariboe on Burgeo Road, crossing.nfld515.jpg August 1987
Cariboe on Burgeo Road, fleeing in front of car.nfld516.jpg August 1987
Isolated village of Grand Bruit on the south coast, usually in the fog in the summer. Twice a week a ferry comes bye.nfl12.jpg July 1986
Isolated village of Grand Bruit on the south coast.nfld330.jpg August 1987
Burgeo, as always in the fog of the south coast.nfl13.jpg July 1985
Jean and David on Grand Lake.nfl03.jpg August 1987
Natural bath tub, David attacking rocks (?).nfl04.jpg August 1987
Jean on a windsurf plank, first time.nfl07.jpg July 1986
Harold Williams and Otto van Breemen plus field assistant.nfl06.jpg August 1987
Sampling rocks with a sledge hammer during rock hopping by helicopter.nfld301.jpg August 1987
Geologist in June hiding from bugs.nfld337.jpg August 1987
Geologist in a helicopter during full flight.nfld523.jpg August 1987
Geologist at work.nfld524.jpg August 1987
Same.nfld525.jpg August 1987
Geologist portrait.nfld526.jpg August 1987
Harold Williams and Steve Colman-Sad.nfld527.jpg August 1987
David and Steve, students of the 1986 and 1987 field season.nfld528.jpg August 1987
Before take off by helicopter.nfl51.jpg August 1987
ATV and tents at camp.nfl52.jpg August 1987
Large transportation van.nfl53.jpg August 1987

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