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Stories and photos from a trek in the Dhaulagiri region of Nepal, October/November 2002.

Dhaulagiri I. Rock face of 3.5 km, from 4660 m of Dhaulagiri Base Camp (valley) to 8100 m (top of mountain). Right bottom, three trekkers for scale.

Stories and photos from a 16 day trek in the Dhaulagiri region of Nepal in October 2002. The trip started in Beni near Phokara, 11 hours from Kathmandu by bus. It took us to Jomson, an airfield in the main valley from Phokara to Mustang.

8 persons carried on to climb Tilicho Peak, 7100 m, see website below. Bever Bergsport sponsored the climb.

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Dutch Tilicho Expedition Website
Dutch Tilicho Expedition Website (see Laatste Nieuws Entry)
Our sponsor, Beaver Bergsport
Trekking stories from Dhaulaghiri
Steep stone path and an "In Memorial".
Sudden white outs possible. How four climbers got lost.
Group members photo near Benin below an old tree.
Group members photo in the Moon Light Hotel.
Panorama, valley towards Daulagiri (to the North) visible in the middle, another 7 days before we will reach this.
Giant locust with Bram
Girl with basket, far background (vague white) Dhaulagiri I
Village of Boghara, the last village.
Valley towards Dhaulagiri with the steep stone path in the narrow gorge.
Same, detail.
Looking down from a ledge with an "In Memorial", view backwards, to the South.
Receipt for involuntary donation of 14 Euros each to the Maoist. Same fee as the official trekking fee. Hopefully bridges are now repaired.
Two boys in a swing. They crossed the steep stone path, see story.
Tarzan Bram in the jungle
Bram chopping wood for the porters. 1 of 2 and 2 of 2
Jeroen trying his crampons and ice axe on a dead tree. His crampons were poorly fitted, almost punished by the tree god.
Tree bridge
Bram on a rock, meditating
Dhaulagiri I (over 8000 m) with Italian Base Camp (3660 m) below.
Panoramic view at Italian Base Camp below Dhaulagiri I.
Trail across glacier and on the side of the canyon to Dhaulagiri base camp. Trail partially wiped out by land slides, warning on the map for "Dangerous Passage".
North face Daulagiri I, over 8000 m.
North face Daulagiri I, Bram and Jean.
Same with porters
Same with Ronnie
Same with Jacco and Willem near French Pass (5360 m)
Hidden valley camp, 5100 m. Nightly temperature -20, -12 in the tent.
Group members in a tent
Damphus Peak, a walk up mountain of 6030 m
Damphus Pass (5258 m), Jacco and Willemijn. Annapurna Range in the far distance.
Path towards Yak Kharka, clouds with "Sudden white-outs possible" (warning on the map) are rolling in. Annapurna Range in the far distance.
Meinhard, Luc and Jeroen, the morning after spending the night in a snowstorm at minus 10-15 Celsius.
Same. The girls looking worried.
Same. Shi-en Ling looking worried
Ronnie, carrying Dorje Sherpa