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High Arctic, summer: Arctic hares on Axel Heiberg Island, in front of a Salt Dome (500 meter high mountain, 5 by 7 km).

High Arctic, summer: Arctic hares on Axel Heiberg Island, in front of a Salt Dome (500 meter high mountain, 5 by 7 km)..

Photos from geological expeditions on Axel Heiberg Island and Ellesmere Island up to 200 km from the weather station Eureka in the summers of 1982, 1983, 1984, 1988 and 1989, organised by the University of Toronto in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada and Polar Continental Shelf Project (Energy, Mines and Resources, Canada).

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Map of Northern Canada, logistic support, Resolute Bay and Eureka
Location map of Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Island, edge of the Arctic Ocean, West of Northern Greenland. Eureka, centre of map, is the weather station with the main landing strip and supply base.arcmap1.jpg July 1982
Polar Continental Shelf Project (part Energy, Mines and Resources, Canada) buildings in Resolute Bay and Tuktoyaktok, North West Territories. With Twin Otter and Bell 206.arcmap2.jpg July 1982
Resolute Bay, the Innuit village. With a view over the Lancaster Sound.arctic04.jpg July 1982
Frobisher Bay or Iqualuit town sign at the Airport, Baffin Island. Also in Innuit language.arctic04.jpg July 1982
Eureka weather station late summer on Central-East Ellesmere Island, dusty and dry area after a hot (8 Celsius) summer.arctic07.jpgJuly 1982
Eureka weather station in July, sea ice breaking up.arctic08.jpg July 1982
Eureka weather station with army barak and MacDonald sign at the run way. Martin and Jean after 2 months camping in the wild.arctic09.jpg August 1983
Geological Survey of Canada camp on Strand Fiord, western Axel Heiberg Island, summer 1983.arctic28.jpg July 1983
Geological Survey of Canada crew of 1983 expedition with some University of Toronto students (Jeff, Steve, Martin) and post-docs (Jean, grey woolen hat).arctic29.jpg July 1983
Logistics: Twin Otter planes and Bell 206 helicopters
Twin Otter plane, just landed on the tundra of North of Hare Fiord. Glaciers touching the sea across the Fiord. arctic21.jpg July 1989
Helicopter, Bell 206, dropping camping gear, between Expedition and Strand Fiord.arctic23.jpg July 1984
Helicopter, right, with floats, near Expedition Fiord. Waited 3 days before it could cross the ranges and pick us up. Left half the equipment behind in the McGill University shack near the Expedition Glacier, the only building of Axel Heiberg Island.arctic24.jpg July 1988
Twin Otter landing on the tundra at Expedition Fiord, in front of the main Expedition Glacier, about 10 km wide and 80 km long. Distance to glacier is 6 km. Detail of plane arctic25.jpg; arcti25l.jpg July 1984
Near Mokka Fiord, Twin Otter landed on the tundra, dropping camping gear.arctic26.jpg June 1982
Near Expedition Fiord camp, with Twin Otter flying above Expedition glacier.arctic32.jpg July 1984
Expedition glacier, again.arctic27.jpg July 1984
Animals and plant life: Muskox, cariboe, hares, wolves, ...
Largest tree seen in the area, around 1 meter long.arctic54.jpg July 1982
Young Arctic Hare, hiding.arctic55.jpg July 1982
Arctic Hare, trying to escape from geologist (Jean), snow started to fall and one day later all covered up (30 cm)arctic56.jpg June 1983
Arctic Hare, detail.arctic57.jpg July 1983
Muskox herdarctic58.jpg July 1982
Muskox bullarctic59.jpg July 1982
Steve chased by lone muskox bull. Picture enscenated, i.e. bull teased till it would chase. Snow gully was supposed to be Steve's escape.arctic60.jpg July 1983
Lone muskox bull.arctic61.jpg July 1982
Lone muskox bull.arctic62.jpg July 1982
Muskox skull.arctic63.jpg July 1983
Muskox skeleton, skull and spine.arctic200.jpg July 1983
Snow geese.arctic64.jpg July 1984
Male cariboe, with large antlers.arctic65.jpg July 1982
Female cariboe, very curious but now running away.arctic201.jpg July 1982
Nest with young snow owls.arctic66.jpg July 1983
Nest with young snow owls.arctic67.jpg July 1983
Nest with young Geier Falcons. Extremely rare birds.arctic68.jpg July 1983
Ptamargans.arctic203.jpg June 1983
Young lemming.arctic69.jpg July 1989
Lemming tracks and tunnel in snow.arctic70.jpg July 1989
Mature lemming.arctic71.jpg July 1984
North of Hare Fiord. Fried and student watching 4 wolves (white dots, not visible) that circled the camp for a week.arctic72.jpg July 1989
Huskies in Frobisher Bay (now called Iqualuit), Baffin Island.arctic73.jpg June 1982
Scenery, panorama, mountains, geologist playing, .....
High Arctic, summer: Arctic hares on Axel Heiberg Island, in front of a Salt Dome (500 meter high mountain, 5 by 7 km). arcticra.jpg Jul 1982
View at Mokka Fiord salt dome, some 15 km distance.arctic19.jpg July 1988
Mokka Fiord salt dome, view from a Twin Otter plane. Far distance main ice cap of Axel Heiberg Island. arctic20.jpg July 1982
Deep valley in Mokka Fiord salt dome, Eastern Axel Heiberg Island. Student at work (left).arctic87.jpg July 1988
Canadian High Arctic, summer: Glacier after heavy snow fall, near Hare Fiord, Northern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada.aglacier.jpg Jul 1989
Canadian High Arctic: Glacier near Hare Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada.avalley.jpg Jul 1989
Large cracks in sea ice middle of July between Axel Heiberg Island and Ellesmere Island, just before the sea ice break-up.arctic13.jpg July 1982
Polygons in the tundra, some are not hexagonal but square due to sloping hill near stream.arctic14.jpg July 1982
Sand storm in August. Such storms in the summer are responsible for loess deposits, equivalent to those forming the loess of Eurasia during the last Ice Age.arctic17.jpg August 1988
Gibs Fiord salt dome, view from a helicopter. Deepest valleys some 50 m high.arctic33.jpg July 1988
Strand Fiord, Eastern Axel Heiberg Island, poor weather.arctic34.jpg July 1983
Same, but good weather.arctic35.jpg July 1983
Snow, snow, snow.arctic46.jpg July 1989
Jeff and Jean, rolling down the hill.arctic47.jpg July 1989
Avalanche, caught Jeff, the "Arctic Radio Phantom".arctic48.jpg July 1989
Jeff and Steve during snow falling, bit bored.arctic49.jpg July 1982
Matt at Otto Fiord, full of Ice Bergs and with many seals.arctic50.jpg July 1989
Hare Fiord salt dome.arctic79.jpg June 1988
Hare Fiord Thrust Zone (white anhydrite rocks).arctic80.jpg June 1988
Western Axel Heiberg Island with salt ridge (light grey) and view towards main ice cap.arctic88.jpg July 1983
Salt dome, with exposed salt (near vertical layers), covered by anhydrite (white, powdery)arctic74.jpg June 1983
Thin anhydrite intrusions along fault zone in shales.arctic75.jpg July 1984
Thin anhydrite intrusions along fault zone in shales, detail.arctic76.jpg July 1984
Camps life, during good and bad weather ...
Expedition Fiord camp. Students playing hacky sack. Glacier about 10 km wide at 6 km distance.arctic30.jpg July 1984
Same, shooting off parachute flares at the end of the season.arctic31.jpg July 1984
Camp on Expedition Fiord with icebergs.arctic202.jpg July 1983
Torn up tent being burned with naphta and flares, sequence 1 and 2 of 4 pictures.arctic38.jpg July 1984
Same, sequence 3 and 4 of 4 pictures.arctic39.jpg July 1984
Camp west of Mokka Fiord, near the ice cap, bit of snow.arctic40.jpg June 1983
Same, after a snow storm.arctic41.jpg June 1983
Camp North of Hare Fiord, lots of snow.arctic42.jpg July 1989
Same but nice day. Snow slay hill behind.arctic43.jpg July 1989
Jean on snow slay (plastic garbage bag), detail.arctic44.jpg July 1989
Jeff on snow slay (plastic garbage bag), going down, far distance (middle right), about to crash into a boulder.arctic45.jpg July 1989
Snowy camp, North of Hare Fiord.arctic51.jpg July 1989
Same.arctic52.jpg July 1989
Nice day, around 8 degrees Celsius, Martin en Jean.arctic53.jpg July 1982
Camp between diabase sills (black) on Western Axel Heiberg Island, near Strand Fiord.arctic85.jpg July 1983
Strong winds on Eastern Axel Heiberg Island.arctic86.jpg July 1984
Summer for 1 week, 8 Debrees Celsius and ... shower time.arctic81.jpg July 1988
Geologists at work
Geology Professors at work, Jean-Luc Bouchez (Nantes) and Fried Schwerdtner (Toronto). arctic01.jpg July 1982
Fried Schwertner on the sea ice of Hare Fiord.arctic22.jpg June 1989
Tired geologist after spending a few weeks on Northern Ellemere Islandarctic02.jpg July 1984
On a glacier, South of Hare Fiord.arctic83.jpg July 1988
Crossing a glacial stream, South of Hare Fiord.arctic82.jpg July 1988
Crossing a glacial stream, South of Hare Fiord. Top: looking. Bottom: jump.arctic84.jpg July 1988
Archeology: Innuit Culture, around 1400 AD
Innuit hut of the Thule Culture around 1400 AD, made of rock slabs and whale bones.arctic05.jpg July 1982
Explanation of the Inuit culture around 1400 AD.arctic06.jpg July 1982
Rocks used as tent rings for Innuit summer camps on Eastern Axel Heiberg Island hunting for rabbits around 1000 - 1600 AD.arctic18.jpg July 1988
Stones forming a semi-circle, used as a rabbit trap on Eastern Axel Heiberg Island. Innuit culture around 1000 - 1600 AD.arctic15.jpg July 1982
Magnetic art objects, giant compass and inclination meter made of aluminum. Magnetic North Pole is only 100 km NW and compass and inclination meter was turning slowly making full 360 turns every few minutes.arctic10.jpg June 1989
Samearctic11.jpg June 1989
Same, with Fried Schwertner and students Matt, Jeff and ...arctic12.jpg June 1989
Guns, guns, guns, ....
Snow storm on top of a mountain (in the clouds), Fried and Jean (heavily armed).arctic77.jpg July 1982
Snow, snow, snow, Fried and Jean (heavily armed) on Eastern Axel Heiberg Island. Camp was 10 km too far East due to wrong Twin Otter landing. Average temperature -7 Celsius.arctic78.jpg June 1983
Barry and Jeff, playing with guns at Expedition Fiord.arctic36.jpg July 1984

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