A puppy (Wolf) at Nakiska Farm, Clearwater, Britisch Columbia

Puppy (wolf) eye.

10 weeks old, already the size of a bastard dog, woolly sheep-like skin, greyish-white, big teeth but still a puppy, so what kind of dog is this? A wolf.

Nakiska Ranch

Nakiska Ranch Lodge is a working farm some 30 km North of Clearwater. It has around 6 cabins and a few rooms in the house. The farm has 100 meat cows and a few horses, plus 3 dogs, and ... A puppy wolf.

The farmer, a Dane of around 50 years old, has run this place for 7 years.
It is situated at the edge of the in Well Grey Park, in a broad hidden valley, rare in this mountainous area of volcanic rocks. Wells Grey Park is well known for the three waterfalls along the main N-S access road and the lakes.

The puppy

The farmer bought the puppy wolf recently and after 10 weeks it is already the size of his two bastard dogs, and only slightly smaller than his German Shepard.

Puppy in the field.

Puppy in the field.

In the field, at a distance, it resembled a playful puppy but it is very big for a 10 week old puppy.

The other three dogs often reacted with griming teeth, clearly indicating to "back off youngster".

In the morning, waiting for breakfast, I followed it in the field and had to go on the picture with it, showing that I cuddled his neck, a thick woolly sheepskin. This is my second wolf.

The first one I touched was a giant 75% Arctic wolf in Mammoth lakes [1] [2].

Touching the puppy wolf, has a sheep skin.

This is a real truly wolf in sheep skin, after the story of Little Red Cap. The skin will get thinner, this is still puppy hide.

According to the farmer, it was 50% white Arctic wolf and 50% grey or timber wolf. He bought it for a 1000 dollars from a breeder in Clearwater and it is likely several generations in captivity so hopefully reasonably tame and more at ease.

I wonder how he will manage, captive wolves are extremely nervous, every human induced loud sound, and we produce many, is a potential danger. When leaving them alone in the house, they could go on a nervous rampage, caused by our noisy environment, you even hear inside a house. The may tear apart all the furniture, carpets and curtains.

Coming home from a silent trip in remote mountains, I have a similar problem. Cities and humans create unpleasant loud noises but after a few week I do not notice this anymore, at least, that's what my brain thinks, what about my body? Similarly, people who sleep in a noisy environment, do not notice they get less sleep and so more stress.


Do you want to take the puppy home? I was asked by my travelling companion.

Yes, I answered, but only his skin, this is the only way to keep it safely.

Puppy with one of the bastard dogs, similar in size.

Puppy with the German Sherpard, “back off yongster”.


Puppy, sharp teeth.