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Table of Contents Nahanni Rafting Trip

Highlights of the rafting trip:
* The canyons of 500-1000 m.
* Hike to a mountain top, no path, wild terrrein.
* Various other hikes.
* Every evening bath in the river, felt less and less cold during
the trip but temperature remained the same (around 10-12 C).
* Sulfur hot springs, bath in 34 Celsius water.

* The unbooked storm in the canyon.

What you quickly forget:
* The many mosquitoes
* The heat, 25-30 celsius
* The fierce thunderstorms
* Dust, also in the clothing and luggage
* Chapped hands.
* Dirty nails.
* Too little sleep.
* The packing of equipment and tents in the morning.
* The 20-30 kg heavy waterproof bags

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