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Trek in the Mera Peak region of Nepal, 1998

Photos from the Jiri, Lukla, Hinku Valley and Mera Peak region of Nepal taken in September/October 1998.

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Map of the Mera Peak trek, from Jiri (bottom left), to Mera Peak (top right) and Lukla (left of Mera Peak)merama98 Sept/Oct 1998
Best picture of the 1998 Nepal trip: Hinku valley with broken moraine of Sabai Tsho Lake causing a major flood on the 3rd of September, 1998.porthole Sept/Oct 1998
Nepal pictures from Jean van Berkel.nepal98 Sept/Oct 1998
Music from Tamang porter girls and men, and from Raj kitchen boys.sound98 Sept/Oct 1998
National Geographic style report: A natural flood disaster in the Everest Region of Nepal, the Sabai Tsho glacial lake outburst flood of 3 September, 1998lakeng98 Sept/Oct 1998
Nature style report (partially completed): Natural disaster hitting village of Tangnag, 20 km SSE of Mount Everest and downstream villages along the Hinku Drangkha and Dudh Kosi Rivers. Report on the Sabai Tsho glacial lake dam broken on September 3rd, 1998.lake98 Sept/Oct 1998
Nepal pictures from Jurian Martens.jur.htm Sept/Oct 1998
Nepal pictures from Mart Vogten (under development)mart.htm Sept/Oct 1998
Nepal pictures from Rokus Graafland (under development).rokus.htm Sept/Oct 1998
Nepal pictures from Conny Groeneveldconny.htm Sept/Oct 1998
Top of centre peak of Mera Peak, 6471 m altitude. West Peak, rarely climbed, is 6481 m. View at Mount Everest (8846 m), Lhotse (8516 m) and Nuptse (7879 m), about 20 kilometers to the NNW.meratop Sept/Oct 1998
CHILDREN OF NEPAL 1998. (Note: 250 KByte composite, be patient, its worth it)kidsnepa Sep/Oct 1998
The 1998 crew with Sherpa guides, Raj kitchen crew and mostly Tamang porters. Total around 30 persons. sherpa98 Sep/Oct 1998

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